EMDAT Transcription Add-on for VIP.NET

This add-on exports data from VIP to EMDAT to assist the outsource typists with the correct Patient and Referring doctor details, then imports the finished letters directly back into VIP.


Export Module

  • The export module outputs the patient demographic and referring doctors’ information for all patients with appointments within the specified time period.  The output file is uploaded by the Emdat’s ShadowLink module for use by the typists at Emdat.

Import Module

  • The import module imports the letters into the outgoing correspondence area in VIP.  As this area only supports Word documents or VIP’s built in word processor files, the documents being imported from Emdat must be in Word format.
  • Program assumes that the files received from Emdat use a filename format of patientID.patientSurname. patientFirstname. NTSid.doc where patientID is the patient File Number or UR number from VIP.  The NTSid is a unique number assigned by Emdat.  It is used as the file name for VIP.